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Bob Rufer has delighted in making people laugh since he was a kid.  And he has always been good at it.  He loves bad puns, old jokes and oddball references.


Bob is old school. He grew up on classic comedians like Johnny Carson whose material was smart, quick witted and full of topical references.


Classic joke writing.  Confident delivery.  Clean material.


These are the standards Bob has set for his own act.


His first performance on a comedy stage was at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles in 2008.  Now he is a veteran of the Hollywood Improv, the Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club, the Ha Ha Cafe and many more.  


Bob has done a stand up act, emceed shows, hosted shows, been interviewed on radio, starred in a short film, written for other comedians and coached as a joke doctor.


Before he retired, he spent thirty-two years in the cigar business. Performing in front of large audiences is nothing new for him.  As an experienced sales trainer, he has spoken to large groups all across the country.  Now he is following in the footsteps of comedy legends like Groucho, George Burns and Ron White.


Bob lives in Southern California next to Joshua Tree National Park.  Which is as close to heaven as you can get without being dead.


So book him.  He's still getting laughs.



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